HTTPS Temporarily Disabled

Update (September 21, 2018): This issue has been resolved.


This site’s Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate expired recently, and I’ve run into errors renewing it. While troubleshooting the issue, I found a better way to manage the obtaining and renewal process. Before I proceed with that, I need to set aside some uninterrupted time to make sure I’m doing it right.

For now, this site will use the basic HTTP protocol.

Improving Writing by Using Hemingway Editor

At a recent job interview, one of the interviewers introduced me to Hemingway Editor. This application helps writers produce easily readable content. This tool helps writers improve content readability. It’s available as a free web app and as for-pay Windows and Mac desktop apps. Continue reading “Improving Writing by Using Hemingway Editor”

Backing Up WordPress Content to Evernote via IFTTT

In a previous post, I mentioned that I’d set up cron tasks to back up my databases and web content. If you’re just hosting a blog and don’t have an always-on remote device to back up that data to, a good alternative would be to do automated backups via IFTTT. Continue reading “Backing Up WordPress Content to Evernote via IFTTT”

Implementing HTTPS Security Policies on a Web Server

This is a follow-up to Securing a Server by Installing a TLS/SSL Certificate Obtained via Let’s Encrypt.

After obtaining a TLS/SSL certificate for this website, the next step was to apply specific policies and measures to further protect it from malicious activity. I used the website-scanning tool Observatory by Mozilla to see where I could improve security on my website. Continue reading “Implementing HTTPS Security Policies on a Web Server”

Understanding Blockchain-Based, Decentralized Cloud Storage

Blockchain, an increasingly popular technology that can be used in a range of industries, is essentially a decentralized peer-to-peer system that connects to create complete sets of data. Nodes within a blockchain reside on servers that run on various operating systems and computers of varying levels of power. Aside from verifying transactions for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, blockchain technology can be used as a decentralized cloud storage solution. Continue reading “Understanding Blockchain-Based, Decentralized Cloud Storage”

Server Outage: Unexpected Downtime Caused by Overlapping Nginx and Apache Installations

I recently changed the DNS listed in the static domain_name_servers line in dhcpcd.conf to another value. I did this to see if the Raspberry Pi that hosts my web server could connect to the the Internet via another Raspberry Pi unit that I had configured as bridge. When I couldn’t connect to the bridge, I reverted to the original DNS, but my server remained down. Continue reading “Server Outage: Unexpected Downtime Caused by Overlapping Nginx and Apache Installations”