Fixing Database Connection Issues in Jira Core After a Power Outage

This article is for system administrators who encounter issues with using Jira Core in a Linux-based environment after a power outage.


After a power outage, Jira Core cannot connect to its database. Atlassian covers this issue in an article in their knowledge base. However, no other results appeared when I was troubleshooting this problem, so I am documenting my experience in greater detail.


After my Raspberry Pi shut off because of a tripped circuit breaker, Jira Core was unable to connect to the MySQL database storing my project data. Jira Core started up as normal, but all gadgets on the dashboard displayed errors and project data was unavailable. After a few minutes, the dashboard refreshed itself and a page stating a connection error had occurred appeared.


After recovering from the power outage, the Raspberry Pi will boot and the above phenomenon will occur. Conduct the following steps to restore Jira Core to its normal working state. Be sure to replace the bracketed text below with information specific to your system:

1. Open Terminal, and log in as the user with rights to modify Jira Core.

sudo su -l [username]

2. Stop the Jira Core service. In my case, I’ve configured rc.local to automatically start Jira Core on boot.

sudo [installation-directory]\bin\

3. Save a copy of the index directory and its subdirectories to your desktop.

sudo cp jira_home/caches/indexes desktop

5. Remove the index directory and its subdirectories from.

sudo rm -r jira_home/caches/indexes

6. Start the Jira Core service.

sudo [installation-directory]\bin\ 

7. Go to the Jira Core dashboard.

8. Click the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner, and select System.

jira settings system icon

9. In the sidebar, select Indexing under the ADVANCED category.jira system sidebar index

10. Select Lock Jira and rebuild index, and press Re-Index. jira system index

11. When indexing is complete, click Acknowledge.

12. Go to the Dashboard, and confirm that the list of projects is displayed and are accessible.

13. If Jira Core is running as expected, delete the index directory that you saved on the desktop in step 5.

sudo rm -r desktop/indexes


Performing these steps should fix the database connection issue that Jira Core experiences after a power outage.

Interestingly, this issue does not occur when intentionally rebooting the Raspberry Pi.

Reference: Unable to rebuild JIRA application indexes.

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